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Paul Paetz

Paul Paetz headshot b+wPaul Paetz is Innovative Disruption's CEO and Principal Disruption Consultant. With his guidance, clients develop highly effective growth strategies to leverage disruptive innovation. A natural "growth hacker", Paul is adept at identifying white-space opportunities where there are unmet or underserved market needs and implementing business and marketing strategies to go after them.

Paul gets jazzed working with entrepreneurs at startup and early-stage technology companies, assessing whether they have market-disrupting potential and offering specific strategy and tactics on how to successfully disrupt the market when the potential exists. Paul advises on segmentation and positioning, product strategy, appropriate business models to fit the product/market match, pricing, marketing plans, analytics and disruptive use of social media, and provides specific implementation assistance if required. These services can range from short-term projects to acting CMO/VP Marketing responsibility.

Paul is the developer of the Disruption Report Card, a predictive assessment tool that evaluates the probability that a company/product will disrupt the market, identifying disruptive strengths and weaknesses and opportunities for improvement. It has reliably predicted winners that others said weren't disruptors, as well as identifying overhyped losers that many "experts" labelled disruptive. If you are a CEO or an investor, this is a critical insight, because disruptive innovators usually outperform the market by an order-of-magnitude (10x or more valuation, greater than 50% market share, significantly higher margins, etc.) or more.

Importantly, Paul views strategy without implementation as next to useless, and is unique in his willingness and ability to get his hands dirty on implementation tactics and actually show his clients how to build, sustain and measure a disruptive business model, rather than simply offering training workshops or strategy documents.


Formerly a consultant with The Disruption Group, Paul's prior accumulated experience includes over 25 years in marketing, sales and product management, with a focus on technology. Many of the companies he was exposed to and learned from -- whether they were employers, clients, partners or competitors -- had the potential to be disruptive. It was the failure of some of these to become big winners when common wisdom predicted they should, and the success of some others that in the early days looked like they had no chance, that captured Paul's analytical attention, and made him a student of disruption theory. Interested in more of Paul's backstory and disruptive insights? Click here: More About Me.

When to Call Paul

Think you have an innovation with disruptive potential? Want to know for sure? Need to know what's missing from your strategy? Or maybe having a strategy check and report card on your disruptive potential is exactly what you need to attract investment? Or, are you trying to value a potential disruptor and need guidance for a decision about whether and how much to invest, and with what terms? Perhaps you're already being disrupted, and have no idea what to do about it. Paul's insights, tools, and experience will guide you through the fog.

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