Do you know why your industry will be disrupted, or by who?

insider tip: Contrary to popular belief, disruptive innovation is not about technology, and isn't caused by it.

So what? Isn't that just semantics? No, it isn't. You can't find something by looking in the wrong places. And, your goal is to profit from market disruption, not be on the losing side.
The first step to gaining competitive advantage from disruption is understanding how it happens and what your options are. That's true whether you are being disrupted, or the one causing disruption.

You need to know its real cause, and the dynamics of how it plays out in the market. You need to accurately assess which companies have disruptive potential and which don't, and how to see it when it is happening (and not be distracted by 'ringers'). You need to know when you are vulnerable before it starts. You need to ignore most of the media noise (the vast majority of what you'll read or hear in the public press is false or misleading), do your homework, and then come up with a solid action plan.

Disruptive innovation is predictable when you use the right tools and look through the right lens. Innovative Disruption, Inc. accurately assesses the potential for disruption in your business, pinpointing the real causes. We identify the threats and opportunities that matter to you, helping you to develop a strategic response and create plans that enable you to win.


Mega-growth and industry domination are the goals. True disruptive innovators end up controlling 40-80% market share and capturing the lion's share of industry profits, often for generations.

It sounds good, but many try, and few succeed. What's the winning difference? Does it require a Steve Jobs at your helm?

Whether you are a startup founder, or an 'intrapreneurial' innovation team, the keys to successful market disruption are the same, and they can be learned. After identifying opportunities, you need the right business model, and product and market strategies. Add metrics, execution, stir and bake.

We literally wrote the book on intentional market disruption, and our insights and guidance can help you achieve it.


Nobody wants to be the victim of disruption -- not you, your employees, your customers or your shareholders. So, how do you avoid the fate of so many industry leaders before you? Blackberry, Tower Records, Blockbuster, Kodak, the mini-computer industry, ... the list is long.

Anti-disruption means being ready before the startup you've never heard of in a market you didn't think was competitive emerges. It means having a counter-innovation strategy, and not making yourself vulnerable by your own actions.

Years of experience advising disruptors and helping them execute informs a deep understanding of what causes disruption and when it is likely to occur. Our analysis, education, and guidance will enable you to plan your options and maybe even be the next disruptor.


Innovative Disruption offers a variety of disruption services including analysis and reports, various education offerings, project support, and strategic coaching, advisory and leadership assistance. Click on the type of help you are interested in above for more details about the specific services we offer. We can also be retained for speaking engagements and bespoke consulting projects -- please visit the Contact Us page to inquire and provide details about your specific needs.

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Click on the book to learn more.