disruptive confusion ebook offer DISRUPTIVE INNOVATIONS are remaking the world as we know it. Do you understand why
and how? Can you tell a real disruptor from a wanna be? Do you know which you are, and why it matters? What do you do if you're the one being disrupted?

These questions and more are answered in our free ebook "Disruptive Confusion Unraveled".

Innovative Disruption, Inc. provides marketing & business strategy consulting services to disruptive innovators, focusing on startup marketing needs.

Entrepreneurs / Disruptors

  • Engineer disruptive success by design
  • Correct disruptive weaknesses
  • Establish product/market fit
  • Score your disruptive
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Disruptive investors / VCs

  • Accurately screen disruptive winners
  • Disruptive portfolio assessment
  • Maximize disruptive potential of portfolio companies
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Facing disruption?

  • Market disruption analysis
  • Business development,
    product, and marketing
    strategies to avoid being disrupted
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