Jason Roberts

Identifying Disruptive Innovators: Techzinglive Interviews Paul Paetz

On Wednesday, February the 15th, Justin Vincent and Jason Roberts, co-hosts of Techzinglive did a podcast interview with Paul Paetz, founder of Innovative Disruption.

The discussion begins with how to accurately identify a disruptive innovator, and why most companies that claim they are, actually aren't. Our ebook "Disruptive Confusion Unraveled", and Innovative Disruption's analytic tool, the Disruption Report Card are mentioned in the discussion.

The podcast goes on to cover a wide range of material, including discussion of Apple's success and how they fit the disruptive model, why it's almost impossible to find a disruptive large company, to suggestions for how to give Justin's product, Pluggio, more disruptive potential.

The discussion centered around the relevance of key factors in achieving disruption, including:

  • sustainable cost advantage / pricing strategy
  • market segmentation
  • targeting non-consumption
  • choosing the right competition to position against
  • business model
  • convenience
  • ease of use
  • targeting undesirable users
  • identifying the "job to be done" for a product
  • addressing unmet or underserved needs

Warning: we get down in the weeds with some deep theory and detailed analysis of examples. If you prefer lightweight, breezy material, this isn't for you.

Listen to the podcast here.