Disruption Analysis Services

Disruption Analysis Services

Disruption Analysis

Analysis projects involve in-depth studies of specific contributing factors to disruption, or of companies and products of specific interest, and our assessment/interpretation of their meaning or significance. The deliverables for all analysis projects include a report, and on-site presentation to discuss the findings and answer questions. We offer the following analyses:

Disruption Report Card - a proprietary score card evaluating the disruptive potential of your business opportunity, including an assessment of disruptive strengths and weaknesses.

JTBD Study - The Job-To-Be-Done study looks either at a specific industry or at a technology, and uncovers the high value "jobs" that potential customers are willing to pay money to get done.

We particularly focus on unique value propositions that differentiate your product based on desired outcomes that are not well-served by existing solutions, and features/jobs that are considered 'must-have' for the target markets. We evaluate the importance of desired outcomes, their economic value, and the degree to which the market is satisfied with alternative solutions to accomplish the same objectives.

Disruptive SWOT Analysis - Based on competitive alternatives (not necessarily in the same product category, but based on JTBD analysis), we perform a standard SWOT analysis through a disruption lens.

A disruptive SWOT analysis evaluates the Strengths and Weaknesses of your solution, with a particular emphasis on Opportunities and Threats. Opportunities and Threats are far more significant in a Disruptive SWOT matrix because that's where the economic value is, and most decisions about disruptive strategy will focus on these two quadrants.

Disruptive Factor Analysis - This report focuses on identifying the key drivers of disruption in an industry/market segment, and possible solutions to address problem areas or leverage opportunities for disruption.

Acquisition Targets - For incumbents, acquiring potentially disruptive solutions can be a key part of an anti-disruption strategy.

We evaluate products and companies based on your product portfolio and where the biggest threats and opportunities are for disruption. We also evaluate which companies in a particular technology domain have the most disruptive potential, and assess the economic value to your organization based on their technology and the potential market. Important to consider is that the economic value, especially of small companies with unique technology solutions, often has no relationship to their book or paper value based on revenues or customer base.

Trend Analysis - A deep dive on macro and micro economic factors and technology trends that impact your markets and which have the potential to spur disruption.

To request any of our Analysis Services, please visit our Contact page, and either give us a call or specify what your needs are, and we'll call you.