Education Services

Education Services


Primer on Disruption Theory (1/2 day seminar)

Half day introductory seminar covering the basics of disruption theory.

Covers the disruptive innovation model, the proper definition and key concepts, how to distinguish between disruptive and sustaining innovations, low-end vs new-market disruption, how to identify disruptive potential and disruption that is in process or has already happened, predicting disruption, how to be certain that innovation is not disruptive. Reviews example cases to illustrate the common patterns of disruption. Request a date on our calendar for your 'disruption primer'.

The 4 Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Market Disruption (1/2 day)

Half day introductory seminar focused on what creates disruptive opportunities.

If you've already got a grounding in the basics of disruption theory, you're ready for the next step which is gaining an understanding of the causal factors and how they interrelate to make industries or businesses ripe for disruption. This seminar discusses each of the four conditions which must be present for disruption to occur, and how to apply this knowledge to identify where disruption is likely to come from and why. Innovative Disruption has developed unique expertise in this area, and will provide you with insights you can't get anywhere else -- insights that are essential to identifying real threats and opportunities and for predicting where the disruptor you haven't yet heard of is likely to come from. Schedule your '4 condition' seminar today.

Introduction to Disruptive Innovation (1 day seminar)

This seminar combines the two half day seminars into a comprehensive introduction to disruption theory.

The full day introduction to Disruptive Innovation discusses both the causes (The 4 Necessary + Sufficient Conditions for Market Disruption) and what the model of disruptive innovation looks like (Primer on Disruption Theory). See full description of topics covered in the half day seminars above. Contact us to plan your 'intro to disruption'.

Facilitated Disruption Workshop - Trends + Technologies Focus (2 days)

This workshop takes a deeper dive into disruption theory and its application, taking your team through a facilitated discussion of which trends and technologies in your business are relevant and why.

The first day of this two day workshop focuses on the material covered in the full day Introduction to Disruptive Innovation seminar including the key drivers of disruption, followed by a interactive discussion and exploration of trends in your industry, potential disruptive threats and opportunities, important technologies and products and startups that you need to understand, and a drill down of any concepts that are particularly relevant to your business and how to apply them. Get on our schedule for a workshop today.

Facilitated Disruption Workshop - Threats + Strategies Focus (2 days)

This workshop also takes a deeper dive into disruption theory and its application, but is focused on beginning the discussion of an anti-disruption strategy.

On the first day, we begin with the material covered in the full day introduction to Disruptive Innovation seminar, focusing particularly on the causal factors. We continue this exploration on the second day by applying our 4 conditions analysis to a facilitated discussion of specific disruptive threats to your business or industry, and brainstorming of possible strategies to avoid, counter or adapt to disruption. Call to request a date for your workshop.

Custom Workshop

Workshops can be tailored to your specific situation and level of knowledge. For specific issues not addressed above, or to adapt and customize a workshop for your needs, please contact us to your requirements.