Disruptive Strategy Services

Disruptive Strategy Services

Disruptive Strategy

Facilitated Disruptive Business Model Design

Similar to Business Model Design Leadership as described above, except our role is to facilitate your creation of a disruptive business model canvas, rather than leading the effort.

We will help you record your existing business model (if you are an established business), brainstorm opportunities, map out hypotheses and assumptions to test, and facilitate your creation of a straw man business model to counter or create disruption. Contact us to discuss your opportunity.

Product/Market Roadmap

Following the methodology laid out in Disruption by Design, we work with you to create your strategic product/market roadmap.

This begins with an audit of any existing plans, analysis of jobs-to-be-done, identification of your disruptive strengths, weaknesses and market opportunities, and prioritization of 'must-have' features. We help you target the right initial segments and the features those target markets require, but rather than a prescriptive plan, create a roadmap showing the alternative paths and dependencies (such as recruitment of early customers, technology hurdles, financial issues, etc.) to enable quick reaction and opportunistic decision making. Tell us about your product opportunity, and request a quotation.

Validation of Product/Market Fit

In general, product/market fit is less of an issue when following the disruption by design methodology, but there may still be tweaking necessary to product features, market positioning, price, distribution strategy, or value proposition to enable your product to reach its disruptive potential.

We help you with early customer development and translation of learnings from the field to your product and marketing strategy and development of a repeatable sales process. In cases where a product or MVP has already been designed, we can assess disruptive potential and help you identify both the best target customers and product tweaks to establish product/market fit, and to role out marketing and sales strategies for general launch. Talk to us about the status of your product, and how we can help.

Acting CMO/Product and Marketing Strategy development

Most small companies, especially those in the range of 10 to 30 employees, have a need for strategic product marketing but lack the resources or talent to do what needs to be done. As Acting CMO, we can fill this critical hole.

Although many startups may feel the need for CMO talent, innovators with disruptive potential need this even more, because of the critical nature of getting positioning, segmentation, pricing, distribution and messaging right. In fact, any one of these done poorly can not only be the difference between disrupting or not disrupting a market, but can sometimes be the difference in survival. We have the perfect solution for companies at this stage of development: hire us to be a 'fractional CMO'. We will dedicate a percentage of our time on a monthly basis to attend meetings, visit with prospective customers, analyze your data, commission JTBD analysis, identify the right target customers, participate with co-founders in key decisions, and help you develop the best go-to-market strategy to maximize disruptive potential. You get the talent and experience of a CMO, at an affordable fraction of the cost, and we'll see you through until you are ready to hire a full time person to fill those shoes. Let's start a conversation to get to know each other and find out whether we are a good solution for your marketing leadership needs.

CEO Coach

In a startup, the CEO is frequently also the chief sales officer, chief marketing officer, chief hiring officer, and/or chief product officer and often needs a backstop, particularly in areas where they may lack experience and knowledge.

Especially in the early days, and with a potential disruptive innovation, having a seasoned executive to bounce ideas off and help advise on disruptive strategy, metrics, customer presentations, sales pitches, partnership opportunities, business modeling, whether to pivot, people issues or any of the myriad things that a CEO has to deal with can be an invaluable support. With our CEO coaching service, we set up a regular weekly time to consult and review what's happened in the last 7 days, and make ourselves available on call on an as-needed basis for the day-to-day issues that come up. You're in charge, but we will guide you and provide counsel on all the critical strategic issues that you will face running a startup with disruptive potential. The most important factor in providing coaching services is mutual respect and knowing that we can get along, so let's start talking.

Anti-Disruption Plan

Companies that are currently facing disruption, or see changes on the horizon that could threaten the viability of product lines, or even the entire business need to act urgently, but they also need to act intelligently.

The wrong anti-disruption strategy can actually accelerate your demise just as much as ignoring the threat. Consider this: what if Blockbuster had offered twice the $50 million dollar price tag that Reed Hastings asked for Netflix in the early 2000's, instead of casting their lot with Enron Broadband Services, or pursuing the purchase of Circuit City for $1 billion just a year before Circuit City went bankrupt? Spending $50 million too much to buy a company that's now worth $39 billion, and which was responsible for putting Blockbuster out of business, would seem like a pretty good decision in retrospect. To come up with an effective anti-disruption strategy, you need to understand what causes disruption, what threats are real and why, and then come up with a plan that addresses the real issues. We work with your innovation or anti-disruption team to help you formulate the right plan and make the decisions that will keep you from ending up like Blockbuster, Kodak, Blackberry, and so many others. Tell us about your project, and ask for a quotation.

Screening tools

If your investment strategy is based on picking probable disruptors, then the key is to accurately identify who those companies are before everyone else does.

Innovative Disruption can help you develop screening tools specific to your investment thesis and the types of companies and industries you like to bet on, increasing your returns many-fold. We can identify likely disruptors with better than 70% effectiveness based just on publicly available data, and with access to inside data and intimate knowledge of their business model and strategy, we can do much better than that. Contact us to discuss your goals, and to determine whether we can help.

Advisory board member

Startup advisory boards need people with a variety of product and market perspectives, and one of the perspectives that most innovative technology companies should have is deep expertise in disruptive innovation, and strategies for intentional disruption.

We know that getting the right team and people with the right fit critically important, and we will not say yes to your company unless we believe we have the industry and product knowledge, as well as the ability to add something extra to your founding team. We also look for specific disruptive potential. If you think there might be a fit, give Paul Paetz a call to discuss his availability and try out his advice.