Services Overview

Our goal as a consultancy is to help you profit from disruption, and to avoid being hurt by it. In a nutshell, we apply disruption theory to business strategy development to create economic value and strategic growth opportunities.

Whether advising innovators on how to achieve their market disrupting potential, or counseling incumbents on anti-disruption strategies, our aim is the same: to be your "disruption sherpa". We have the knowledge, expertise and experience to guide our clients through unfamiliar territory that often requires counter-intuitive thinking with insightful analysis, targeted education, tactical project support and strategic planning services described below. We'll tackle these difficult problems with you, and work to ensure your success.

We'll help you to:

  • Understand what disruptive innovation really is, and its root causes
  • Target the right markets with your solutions
  • Optimize price strategy
  • Determine the jobs your target customers want to get done
  • Develop disruptive go-to-market strategy
  • Analyze competitive threats and their disruptive potential
  • Predict where disruption is most likely to come from
  • Create the best anti-disruption plans specific to your business